PES Institute of Technology

Formula SAE India

Race car design and manufacturing for SUPRASAE India event in 2011, Team Haya Racing.


  • Team Lead
  • Car Driver
  • Suspension Geometry and Kinematics design
  • Design and packaging of Un-sprung components
  • Suspension component Manufacturing


  • Winners of Skid Pad Event

Summer Internship

Sansera Engineering
  • Process flow Optimization
  • Facilitated in merging of two production lines

Damper Energy Recovery System (DERS)

Investigated the use of faraday’s principle to recover energy from a damper

Damping Element

Permanent magnet (piston) being forced through an aluminum damper cylinder

Energy Recovery

Copper coil wound on the outer surface of damper cylinder to generate electrical energy as the piston moves inside the damper