Suspension Performance Engineer at Honda R&D Americas

Primary and Secondary Ride Comfort

  • Root Cause analysis to identify Suspension/Ride comfort related issues
    • Transfer path identifation including path contribution
    • Countermeasure proposal and verification
    • Identify air bourne and structure bourne suspension noises to propose effective countermeasures
  • Vehicle Sensitivity to tire non-uniformity
    • Define Uniformity sensitivity targets using current prototypes and competitor cars as reference
    • Subjective feeling point correlation with objective data
      • Matlab was used to identify trends across all tested cars to identify strengths and weaknesses of various competetior cars
  • Identify and quantify various un-common ride complaints and issues including powertrain response
  • Impact Harshness testing and analysis
  • Standard Ride tests for competitor benchmarking and prototype verification
    • Data aquisiting and analysis
    • Update test and analysis procedures to improve metrics and subjective feeling correlation
    • Identification of test surfaces for various ride events to improve test procedure and subjective correlation
  • Identification and purchasing of appropriate test transducers to improve test results
  • Manage test equipment

Subjectively rate and identify Ride and Handling characteristics of competitor cars


  • LMS Scadas Mobile Data Acquisition system with transducers from PCB Piezotronics
  • Data analysis with LMS Test Lab and MATLAB
  • Experienced in managing and running large 150+ channel acquisition setup
  • Time and frequency domain animations in LMS Test Lab to visualize resonances and mode shapes
  • Scripting in MATLAB to identify trends in multi vehicle controlled tests to define tire non-uniformity sensitivity targets
  • Identify and Quantify Suspension noise and Ride quality issues
  • Troubleshooting LMS/PCB equipment issues
  • Define DOE and conduct controlled tests to identify and recommend countermeasures


  • Rotating Machinery (08/15/2017)
    • Siemens, Troy, MI
  • Transfer Path Analysis (08/16/2017)
    • Siemens, Troy, MI
  • Sound Engineering (08/17/2017)
    • Siemens, Troy, MI
  • Modern Driving Dynamics (08/18/2017)
    • Siemens, Troy, MI
  • Modal Analysis (04/12/2017)
    • Honda R&D Americas, Columbus, Oh
Drivers Training
  • Honda Level 1 Driver's Training (06/15/2015)
    • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, OH
  • Honda Level 2 Driver's Training (06/07/2016)
    • Transportation Research Center Inc, East Liberty, OH
  • Honda Level 3 Driver's Training (08/09/2018)
    • Transportation Research Center Inc, East Liberty, OH